Track Premiere: Mikey Erg – ‘Rumblestrip’

The legendary Mikey Erg is back with his self-proclaimed “return to punk” on his brand-new, self-titled LP released on Rad Girlfriend Records.

Blasting through ten songs in 26 minutes, Mikey returns to his roots on his self-titled album, mixing his classic, pop-punk stylings with heavy, distorted guitars and melodies. Everything you loved about ’90s-flavored punk rock is alive and well on these ten tracks. And, he’s also included some surprises along the way!

Mikey’s list of accolades are extensive, beginning with Dirt Bike Annie and his time spent drumming and singing in The Ergs. His time in music has lead him to be involved in such projects as The Measure (SA), Star Fucking Hipsters, House Boat, and Worriers, just to name a few. He spent time in the house band for the Chris Gethard TV show, and he’s worked with every important punk rock label in the last two decades.

This new record is a culmination of all of those things, and it’s also Mikey’s strongest and catchiest material to date.

Check out our premiere of Mikey Erg’s latest track “Rumblestrip” below:

On his new track, Mikey says:

“I made this record a self-titled record because I feel like it’s a perfect distillation of me as a musician. It’s all over the place and has a little bit of everything I’m into. I had a whole lot of fun on the last tour I got to do before the pandemic hit, and I wanted to get the fun and energy of that band on tape. I set out to write an EP, but when I showed up to the studio, I had an album’s worth of material ready to record.

“We made it in about a working days worth of studio time, and I feel that it’s got the feel of a frantic, seat-of-your-pants, live show. If it’s your thing, have yourself a cold beer and a strong whiskey-Coke while listening for the full experience. The first single is a song called “Rumblestrip.” It’s about being on tour for just a little bit too long.”

Photo courtesy of Mikey Erg.

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