Track Premiere: Misfit Saints – “Trailer Thrash”

This might be the first time you’ve heard of New York punk n’ roll trio Misfits Saints; however, they aren’t new heads in the underground rock n’ roll world. The band has been around since 2016, playing pockets of underground clubs and beer-soaked halls across the Northeast, crossing hard-charging guitar work with vocals that drip swagger and confidence. After the production of their new single recently wrapped,  New Noise Magazine is proud to debut “Trailer Thrash” on the band’s upcoming release, Greetings From Nowhere, out December 8th on Vanzig Records.

Misfits Saints were initially formed as a one-woman project by Long Island native Carly Quinn to coincide with her bass duties with the high-energy rock n’ roll unit Midnight Mob. When Midnight Mob entered hiatus, Quinn used the newfound time to expand her project into a three-piece with Mickey Squeeze (guitars) and Alex Rainbow (drums). She speaks of the project’s background and evolution from a solo ordeal to a group endeavor below.

Misfit Saints began as a vague idea of mine without much direction. I only knew that the music would lean towards punk rock, but my thoughts still needed fleshing out, and I used those first recording sessions to spill out all my ideas. At the time, I could get away with this because I didn’t know if there would ever be a supporting band playing with me and the live aspect of Misfit Saints was still unknown. The band’s original sound was more pop-sounding than I anticipated, and that was due to all the layers I was experimenting with in the studio, which in the end, led me to nowhere. When Mickey and Alex joined the band, my vision for the band took off because I could bounce ideas off people. We all have the same mindset, which allows us to push our ideas further. These two helped strip the songs to a raw-edged punk rock sound, which I had playing in my head and is much better than those initial solo recordings. Misfits Saints work as a three-piece, and the music we play is what people can expect in our live show; three people are out of control but in control simultaneously.

Greetings From Nowhere is available for pre-order through the Misfit Saints Bandcamp. Keep up to date with all the news on band via their website


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