Track Premiere: Molly Horses – King Dundalk

Los Angeles-based noise punks Molly Horses may be a new band on the scene, but their members have been around a bit. Formed by members of FonFon Ru and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, the band released their first single, “Beatty,” back in December with its verbose spoken-word lyrics and wry sense of humor over infectious bass lines and fuzzy feedback.

Now the LA quartet are back with their second single which releases tomorrow, the wildly original “King Dundalk.” With a guitar riff that wails like a police siren and Devo-esque snot-nosed sarcasm, the new single is a cautionary tale about letting your ego get the better of you as you dig yourself a deeper hole instead of trying to climb out of it. It’s a noisy track with fiery lyrics that shows that Molly Horses can firmly plant their tongue in their cheek while relentlessly skewering the self-obsessed. Check out the new single below.

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Photo courtesy of Malcolm Watts
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