Track Premiere: Mt. Grey – “Fake High”

Mt. Grey out of Austin, Texas blend layering vocals and guitar over building drums and tempo with their new single “Fake High”, an independent release. Reminiscent of Better Off and Webbed Wing meets Blur, Mt. Grey are not to be missed. Bringing more light and brightness to the single than their grungy S/T album released in 2019, the band are working on an EP subject to drop later this year.

After writing and performing the debut record solo, I really wanted this band to evolve into a true group where we could all work on song ideas together. This is the first song we’ve written and recorded as a band, and it went as smooth as I could have hoped. We work really well together in a studio setting, so this is the plan for all material going forward. The lyrics are based around being in a relationship that you are beginning to realize you shouldn’t be a part of anymore. I’ve always been a sucker for upbeat songs with bummer lyrics. We’ll probably write a happy song someday.

James Sargent

Their music video shows a behind-the-scenes look at live recording with some clips of the group during their trip to the studio.

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