Track Premiere: Neutrals – In The Future

Neutrals are a punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area, channeling a wide range of ’70s and ’80s punk, post-punk, and indie-pop influences. Their debut album “Kebab Disco” came out in 2019 on Emotional Response Records and garnered universal acclaim as “an excellent collection of terse melodies, unique storytelling, and scraping pop. (AllMusic)”. The band followed-up with an excellent five song EP earlier this year on Domestic Departure.

“Personal Computing” b/w “In The Future” is their new single and has the distinction of being the final entry in Slumberland Record’s SLR30 Singles Series. Both sides were recorded just before the COVID-19 lockdown began and share a bittersweet nostalgia for an imagined rose-tinted future that never was. The mood of thwarted utopian dreams feels all too appropriate right now and the tense, angular songs on this single are an ideal soundtrack for this unsettled moment.

Check out our premiere of Neutrals’ new song “In The Future” below:

Hear what Neutrals have to say about their new track below:

“Essentially, In the Future is a silly pop song about an imagined space-age future of robots and geodesic domes. But on a deeper level, it reflects my retro-futurist nostalgia for the techno-utopia the masses were sold as first industrialization and then technology took over our lives in the West.”

“Advancements in science and technology should and could have resulted in a world with universal healthcare, equal access to education, increased leisure time for enrichment of physical and mental health, and end to hunger and poverty. Instead we have managed to accelerate inequality in all those areas by almost any measure, and secured a utopia for a few at the expense of the many.”

“Increasingly, the world seems to exist to create wealth and comfort for a tiny elite, with a middle class of “information workers” and physical labour performed by robots, gig workers, workers in developing nations on near-slavery wages, or just actual slaves. Those who can’t find a place for themselves within that system are increasingly left to rot. I suppose the song is a dream of an alternative future that could have been.”

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