Track Premiere: Nihiloceros – ‘Penguin Wings’

Nihiloceros started when Mike Borchardt (guitar/vocals) and Alex Hoffman (bass/vocals) met each other while they were in different bands in Alaska and Chicago. Once the two acquaintances both found themselves in Brooklyn, they decided to join forces for a new power-punk project that features energetic rhythms, striking pop melodies, and powerful guitars. With Glenn Gentzke now completing the trio, the band have been making a name for themselves in their home scene and beyond. Channeling the powerful yet melodic styles of the likes of The Replacements, Jawbreaker, and Hüsker Dü, they’re a rising force that everyone should check out who has a penchant for melodic yet loud punk.

The band are gearing up for the release of their latest LP Dark Ice Balloons which is out May 3 on Totally Real Records. The album’s theme is a desperate optimism in the face of war, disease, and a global climate catastrophe as Nihiloceros try to envision a better world. They’ve already released two singles off the album called “Skipper” and “Krong,” and today they’re debuting their third single, the album’s opening track “Penguin Wings.”

“‘Penguin Wings’ explores the unknown places,” say the band about the new single. “It lives in the cracks between the worlds we know. ‘Dark Ice Balloons’ is all about our personal journeys navigating that which we cannot understand and only seek to imagine, and so we felt it was the perfect way to introduce the record.”

“Penguin Wings” is a track that’s undeniably catchy while it manages to be both upbeat and melancholy at the same time. The chorus will hook you, and the noisy breakdowns will hit you like a bolt of lightning. It’s an emotional breakthrough set to music that leaves you feeling spent by the end. Check out the track below.

Dark Ice Balloons is available for preorder from Bandcamp. Follow Nihiloceros on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Kate Hoos

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