Track Premiere: O-d-ex – ‘Back To Form’

O-d-ex bring on their new hot single “Back To Form,” off of their upcoming album Breaker.

Listen to the track here:

Mark Ryan shares his thoughts about the song:

“This song was very different originally. I twisted it into something much different and better. This song also really highlights what Micah does well. He took what I gave him and completely transformed the song from the drum break to, adding another layer of drum machine and synth noise and melody.”

O-d-ex is new project helmed by Mark Ryan, who is best known for his work with Mind Spiders and The Marked Men. The debut album Breaker will be released on January 26 through Dirtnap Records. The LP will be a one-time only pressing of 500. 300 of the copies will be on black, 200 on white, the latter of which is available via mail order only.


About the upcoming album, Mark says:

“The gist is that this project is that it’s very immediate. Using my old Electribe sampler and weird digital guitar synth pedal, I can usually bash out an idea and almost have it complete as I’m working on it. I don’t have to bring it to the band to flesh it out. I’ve been obsessed by harsh digital noise and letting go of worrying about analog warmth when recording. Also collaborating with Micah has made this project different. I’ll present the idea to him and he’ll add different noise or vocal elements and help me chop it up differently.”

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Photo courtesy of O-d-ex

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