Track Premiere: Pacifico – ‘Don’t Play Dead’

Ahead of their upcoming full-length, Self Care, slated for release February 10, 2023, Pacifico are sharing their new track, “Don’t Play Dead.” Catch it premiering right here at New Noise.

It’s the band’s first album in five years, following the early 2022 EP release, ’05/’22, appropriately with a handful of songs recorded in 2005 and later found, completed, and re-released.

Pacifico’s first full-length since 2017 comes with an explosion of emotions. The lyrics have the same energy as early-2000s skate punk, but from the perspective of a now mature voice. And similar to their last project, Self Care‘s name is already a telling descriptor of the album’s contents.

“The lyrics on this album all center on self-care,” says Pacifico’s Matthew Schwartz. “This is the most diverse and most vulnerable group of songs I have ever created.”

The album as a whole focuses on topics like perseverance, going for your goals, being a present listener, and creating healthy boundaries, among other things, reflecting the willingness to enjoy the journey, and everything that comes with it.

“Don’t Play Dead” is the lead single from Self Care, which Schwartz wrote for his wife. The track itself is incredibly catchy, and the themes of the song still fit perfectly with the overall album.

“It’s my letter of encouragement to her,” Schwartz explains. “I also want this song to encourage anyone who becomes stuck.”

Stream “Don’t Play Dead” here:

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Photo courtesy of Mike Dunn

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