Track Premiere: Petrov – ‘Pink Moon’

Petrov are a delightfully sugary sounding indie rock band out of Charlotte, NC who broke out on the scene back in 2018 with their fresh-faced Sleep Year EP. They’ve spent the last two years tilling the soil of their imaginations and cultivating their talents, and now, just in time for harvest season, they’re getting ready to share the fruits of their labor in the form of their sophomore EP Flower Bed!

On Flower Bed, vocalist Mary Grace McKusick effortlessly twists Petrov’s pretty melodies and surging energy around her fingers until they crystallize into a diamond butterfly that she then releases into the world to light up the sky with its sunny demeanor and the shimmer of its gorgeous carapace.

The thoughtful lyrics of the album reflect on everything from fears of being alone, to practicing self-love and acceptance, to calling out those who protect abusers and actively diminish the gravity of sexual assault. McKusick’s heart-beating passion for life demands that she be given the audience in the court of your mind.

Today, New Noise have the exclusive stream of Petrov’s new single, “Pink Moon,” which you can check out below:

“Pink Moon” is off of Petrov’s forthcoming album Flower Bed, out on Self Aware Records on October 23! The album was recorded with Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia, SC, and mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B in Charlotte.

Preorder Flower Bed from Self Aware Records here.

There is a sentimentality to “Pink Moon,” and it is only right that McKusick explain it to you in her own words:

“‘Pink Moon’ is about finding the love for yourself. I wrote this song after spending a night drinking beer and staring at the Pink Full Moon (April 7). I am too hard on myself, and I forget to just relax and enjoy the company of myself.

“This song is about the beginning of the self-love journey I am on. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to start, but I am glad I am doing it, and I refuse to beat myself up about it. The full moon, in a spiritual sense, brings new beginnings and is a time where you should bring in new intentions into your life. Be nice to yourself; you deserve it.”

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