Track Premiere: Phantomelo – ‘Space Prom’

Dallas, TX-based indie alternative trio Phantomelo are releasing their new single, “Space Prom,” rich with social concepts that will surely get listeners pondering.

The track acts as an attempt to help listeners see the world through an alien’s eyes. The alien is imprisoned and put on Death Row during their visit, and on their last night alive, the alien looks to the stars, hoping desperately to receive help from their family in the stars.

The idea is to transport listeners to a world that feels at once familiar and brand new, and the band hopes that it will send a friendly, Earth-conscious message to listeners, reminding everyone to be a little more human.

“On our volatile, overpopulated planet, it is now more important than ever before to be mindful of our casual waste generation,” says Phantomelo. “It’s about fulfilling the obligation we all have in this world to do better, take care of, and respect the planet. The Amazon is still burning; the oceans have been 90 percent over-fished, and we are on the verge of true catastrophe. It’s not cool to be apathetic.”

Check out the new track “Space Prom” here:

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Photo courtesy of Phantomelo

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