Track Premiere: Pilot To Gunner -‘Drop The Sun’

Hail Hallucinator is Pilot To Gunner’s fourth record and may only exist because the members of the band were locked indoors during the pandemic. Scott Padden and Patrick Hegarty are, as always, holding it down on vocals and guitars and are joined by Gregg Giuffre (Hunters) on drums and Eric Odness (Chariots, Primitive Weapons, Ageist) on bass.

Hail Hallucinator is the third record the New York band recorded with celebrated producer J. Robbins (Dismemberment Plan, Against Me!, Shiner, etc.), and their second album for both Arctic Rodeo Recordings (Walter Schreifels, Garden Variety, Jawbox), who will offer the LP, and Thirtysomething Records (Appleseed Cast, Far, Superbloom) who is releasing it on cassette.

Dan Coutant (of Spoils System) mastered the album at his Sun Room Audio (War On Women,
Chamberlain, Bob Nanna) and the band enlisted Portland-based painter and printmaker Josh
Keyes to provide the album and single art (which you can see below). While the single rings distinctly and unmistakenly of Pilot To Gunner’s signature noodling and chops, it also demonstrates the timelessness of their songwriting chemistry and the longevity of their indie, and post-punk leaning sound.

Padden says the songs is, “just about obsolescence, but it isn’t meant to be dark or anything.

“I played the basic chords and melodies into my phone, and gave it to the dudes two days before we went to see J,” he adds. “We had one practice with it, everybody added their parts, their things, to make it an actual thing, a good song, and we finished it in the live room. I stole the chorus chords from a ’90s alt rock hit. Not the rhythm, just kind of the order they’re in. Not saying which one.”

Order the LP here. Get the cassette here.

Photo courtesy of @Hartleyphoto

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