Track Premiere: Public Safety – ‘Market Rate’

Get stoked for Public Safety’s new, self-titled record out December 13 with this new track, “Market Rate.”

“The song is about the logic of consumer culture infecting everything in our lives, especially the way we think about counterculture and resistance,” says the band’s frontman, Stumpy. “Everything is a brand and is only taken seriously if it’s branded a certain way, can succeed on the internet, or is profitable for someone. If we want our goal of a better society to be realized, we have to move beyond the logic of resisting as an individual, apart from a collective vision of liberation.”
“The mission of this band has always been to build community as a starting point for more militant organization. We’ve been working for years to build that in the East Bay and have a space for the politics that can fight the rise of fascism here. We’re excited to finally have something to share worldwide to that end.”
Public Safety are an Oakland, California-based hardcore punk band formed in 2011. Dedicated to radical social justice and the re-establishment of a left-wing youth culture to combat the rise of fascist organizing in the U.S., Public Safety have spent the past few years organizing local shows, the majority of them benefits, and volunteering their time to this end.
The band’s frontman, known affectionately as “Stumpy,” is a former nonprofit  board member for 924 Gilman and was chief officer of 1986’d Records which released the “Arcane Drama” compilation to benefit the famous all-ages club. The band’s combination of outspoken political lyrics, extremely high-energy shows, and skilled musicianship have endeared them to punks young and old. Public Safety have played with a slew of legendary acts including Rancid, MDC, The Faction, DOA, La Plebe, and many more.
The band’s debut EP Public Safety delivers six tracks of blazing, old-school hardcore with sharp, political lyrics that merge the classic and new wave of hardcore sound. The listener is treated to a punk at full blast the whole way through, with the only break during “Land a Blow (Internationalism Pt.1),” where a spoken word piece is read over a breakdown, bringing the listener back to the heyday of the Anarcho scene.
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