Track Premiere: Renny Conti – ‘Drawing Lines’

Renny Conti’s new album,  Figurines, Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium, features the single “Drawing Lines.” Stream it with us now!

Renny Conti stops looking back and embraces the moment in his second full-length, Figurines, Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium. The songs weave between Manhattan dive bars, out-of-town retreats, and his vibrant, New York City neighborhood of East Williamsburg.

Conti explores the people around him and his inner workings while exposing a fascinating picture of what modern life is in your early 20s. Whether he is coming to terms with an addictive personality in “Finally Home” or feeling insecure with his shirt off in “Prayer Book,” Renny finds a way to pull in even the most casual listener with his universally relatable story telling.

“I wrote Drawing Lines in November of 2018, a few weeks after my first record came out,” Conti explains. “It was a completely different song for a few months before I realized I didn’t really like listening to it anymore. I sped up that main, fingerpicking part and threw some drums over it and called up my bud Sam Grossman and had him lay those crazy guitar solos down, and suddenly it felt so much more alive. The track is mainly written about the feelings of anxiety and fear that can come from being jolted out of a really comfortable and happy chapter of life. I really wanted the arrangement to reflect that confused and unstable energy that comes through in the lyrics. I wanted it to feel dizzying and redundant and stressful.”

Preorder the album here. 

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