Track Premiere: RIP Kenny – ‘Thought I Knew You’

Bend, Oregon artist RIP Kenny is sharing the third single off his debut album, Escapism, the track “Thought I Knew You.” Give it a listen right here at New Noise.

RIP Kenny is one of dubstep’s most compelling new voices, with his unusual-yet-refreshing take on the genre tapping into unknown territory. Unafraid to splice genres, he often injects heavy electronic drops alongside metal elements and punk-rock finishes.

Finding refuge and inspiration from the outdoors, RIP Kenny uprooted his entire life to relocate to Bend and focus on cultivating his craft, both in studio and on the mountain.

The new tack has a more rock-centric vibe than its two preceding singles, all-around cinematic, blossoming with guttural electric guitars, steely vocals, and dubstep elements before launching into its final act. RIP Kenny says each track from the new LP is a story of life, leisure, and loss in the majestic and often unforgiving mountainscapes of Oregon.

RIP Kenny chats more about the new single:

“‘Thought I Knew You’ is a record that embodies the raw, the gritty, the hurt. It’s funny how with this one the blend of rock and electronic unintentionally fused into such a cohesive package—it just ended up that way, writing by feel for this section of the album’s story. Its sonic aesthetic just fits. On the surface a simple meaning of distrust—but beneath lies an ocean of betrayal, deals with devils unspoken.”

“Betrayal. It has a way of weaving itself into your brain and consuming you, turning your thoughts bleak and circular (cue downward spiral). It’s why this song has such a mantra to it. At this point in the album’s story, you’ve just learned of the deceit of your love lost. A deal made, hidden from you and the cause of all this pain. Imagining that situation, stumbling alone in the desert—angry, exhausted, drowning in sweltering heat—you’re gonna repeat some mantra of pain as you slowly go mad, you just will.

“The guitars have this hypnotic circular rhythm as well, seemingly endless dotted notes converge seldomly to get your feet beneath you. There’s this feeling of quicksand that just fits. There’s a lot of pure metal influence that comes through in this one, chromatic descensions, and the second chorus is basically a metal breakdown—something I truly enjoyed writing. On that metal side, though, I would really love to collaborate with bands more on these kinds of records. I feel like there’s so much exploration to be done in the cross-section of these spaces as people warm to the hybrid (metal energy/feel and modern production aesthetic). It’s something that really excites me moving forward.”

Listen to “I Thought I Knew You” here:

For more from RIP Kenny, find him on Instagram, Soundcloud, and Facebook.

Photo courtesy of RIP Kenny

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