Track Premiere: Robo Pumpkin – ‘From Away

Boston based emo solo project Robo Pumpkin is sharing its second single “From Away,” off of its upcoming Junior LP. The project is helmed by 21 year old Max Adams, who makes music exclusively with the bass guitar.

Listen to the track here:

Max Adams band shares his thoughts on the song:

“From Away is a song about a friend leaving their hometown and friends behind to pursue their artistic dreams.”

What drew you to the bass guitar, and what made you want to use it as the primary instrument for Robo Pumpkin?

At first, using the bass guitar didn’t feel like a choice but more as making music with what I had. I’ve always had a love for the bass guitar, and started at a young age, but when it came time to making music I didn’t really have interest in any other instruments. That being said, as I get older and mature musically, I have found value in many instruments, but using anything else in this project just wouldn’t feel right to me. It’s also a lot easier to be a two piece as a DIY band – less people in the car, less gear, it’s much cheaper…

How would you describe the Boston music scene in 2023?           

The Boston Music Scene, specifically the DIY scene, is better than it’s ever been in my opinion. While the bigger and more popular venues typically only host larger touring bands, this exclusivity has created an uproar in the scene. A few years ago bands would be emailing venues tens of times everyday just for the chance to play a show. Nowadays it’s hard not to. There are tons of basements all over Allston willing to host bands of all shapes and sizes, and a scene that will often pull through.

Robo Pumpkin

Why do you think it’s important for creatives to move from their hometown, or at least change their surroundings?

I think what defines an artist  is the experiences they’ve had. Changing your surroundings, doing things out of your comfort zone, confronting things you are bad at, and overall broadening your perspective is what it’s all about. Good music can certainly be made in “hometown isolation;”In fact, that’s what makes this genre what it is, but it’s definitely not the only way to do it.

What should listeners take away from your latest single “From Away”?

The thesis of “From Away” is that devoting your life to the arts does not mean you have to devote everything to it. One of the most dangerous practices I have noticed in the scene is forcing trauma or pain on yourself to make good music or to seem “authentic.”

What are your plans for the rest of 2023?

This is the second single off of my Junior LP which will be coming out in the near future. It’s really hard to say for me right now, I plan to keep making music along with my other artistic pursuits, continuing to finish my degree in music, and try to start my next record. I will be doing a short tour mid may and have plans to play a few shows outside of Boston throughout the rest of the year.

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Photo courtesy of Julia “Trout” Harcourt’ 

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