Track Premiere: SAVAK – ‘Empathy’

Ahead of their new record, Human Error / Human Delight, out April 15, Brooklyn-based rockers SAVAK are sharing the new track, “Empathy,” premiering exclusively here at New Noise.

The group pose relevant questions about holding onto hope during crisis, the value of love when people are killing the planet, even how to justify producing and album during an ongoing global pandemic. They don’t necessarily have the answers, but the exploration in itself is worth tuning in for. The duality in the title of the project, Human Error / Human Delight, also points to SAVAK’s fascination with the balanced, and sometimes polarizing, nature of being alive.

Some of the tracks are idealistic, exploring what the world could look like. Others, like the new track, “Empathy,” are notably more dark, ruminating in the idea of not waiting, which in essence keeps one waiting.

SAVAK’s Michael Jaworski opens up about the messaging behind “Empathy” and what inspired the new track:

“I wrote ‘Empathy’ after dealing with some messed up narcissistic behavior on a personal level, but also as a reaction to the current state of affairs in our world, in politics and in dealing with the pandemic. I’ve always had a hard time reconciling why some people think they’re above everyone else, and why so many people prioritize their own self-interest over actions and ideas that are better for society at large, even if it means their own self-interest may potentially harm people around them. Sadly it seems that social media has really exacerbated this self-absorbed behavior on a grand scale.

“But the reality is that narcissism is basically an untreatable disorder, and those motherfuckers have no self-awareness of how horrible they are. But yet they’re still human beings, right? That’s why bleeding hearts like myself still try to give them the benefit of doubt and stay optimistic. It’s hard to wait for someone to feel empathy, because you might be waiting for a long, long time. I guess you gotta put up boundaries and move on, but it sure would be nice if everyone could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes … ”

Listen to “Empathy” here:

For more from SAVAK, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Sesselman

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