Track Premiere: Sharaya Summers – ‘Agendas’

“Agendas” is the latest track from Sharaya Summers. Stream it with us first.

After spending 10 years doing the same band thing in L.A., singer/songwriter Shraya Summers has moved home to sunny, Southern Oregon to start a family with rocker husband Jacob Summers of Avid Dancer.
The two have settled into a cabin along the Rogue River and created a home studio where they write, record, and produce while caring for their new baby boy.
Chasing wisdom I have traveled far and wide
Just to find it in a childs mind.
Have I become the devil on your shoulder now
Tempting truth with imagination.
Oh we both pretend to know,
Can we just admit we don’t?
What is dark without the light?
Do we have to choose a side?
Hear me, thats all im asking.
We are no different.
Agendas- Can we forget what we came for?
You have known me, you know that all I seek is love.
There’s no bridge that I’d wish to burn.
Please forgive me if I make you uncomfortable.
There’s so much more that we can learn.
If you just want to be right.
I won’t try to change your mind.
Will you try to understand, my doubt is not a demand.
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