Track Premiere: Ships Have Sailed (ft. Abby Posner) – ‘Get Loud’

Los Angeles-based alt-rock band Ships Have Sailed are sharing their new single “Get Loud,” which features indie-folk artist, Abby Posner.

Listen to the track here:


Ships Have Sailed was formed by vocalist/guitarist Will Carpenter as a duo act with drummer, Art Andranikyan. The duo aims to create uplifting music which involves indie-rock and pop influences. Ships Have Sailed have released a number of albums, EPs, and singles of diverse sound. This time, they have reunited with their longtime collaborator Abby Posner for one more outstanding musical experience.

Ships Have Sailed

Will Carpenter shares his thoughts:

“On the surface, ‘Get Loud’ is a foot-stomping, slightly twangy, rootsy rock anthem that screams for attention and speaks to overcoming adversity and standing up for everything we believe in.

Beneath the obvious, however, there’s a bit of a deeper story that all began when the U.S. Supreme Court made the controversial and unprecendented decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  I grew up with four sisters, a single mom and a strong sense that people (regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual preference) should be afforded equitable experiences and opportunities.  I’m now the father of a baby girl (11 weeks old as I write this) and the idea that she could grow up with FEWER rights than what my sisters were born with is both frightening and infuriating.  My first instinct upon hearing of the decision was to be angry, so I sat with that for a moment, and then reflected on all the times throughout history when the powers that be attempt to strip away the rights of many to appease the few – a thought popped into my head: “ok, so it’s about to get loud”.  I wanted to bring a different perspective into the writing process, so I immediately reached out to a dear friend of mine, Abby Posner, who is an incredibly talented artist and producer and who I felt would bring an important lens to the song – I explained the idea and where it came from and she jumped in immediately.

Working with Abby on this has been an absolute joy – in addition to her perspective as a human being and everything that brought into the writing process, her instincts as a producer allowed this song to grow in such a different way than it might have otherwise.  The exchange of ideas (both in live sessions and virtual) led to some, shall we say, surprising sonic pivots for both of us…very pleasantly so, and I for one could not be more thrilled with how this song turned out.  I hope you enjoy, and look forward to hearing what you think!”

Abby Posner shares her thoughts:

“’Get Loud is’ an anthem for people that have had their rights stripped away, specifically reproductive rights for women, and the decision that was made by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe. Will and I wrote this song during a very raw and vulnerable time, and we were feeling angry, and frustrated.  We wanted to write a song that embodied all of these complex emotions.  A song that felt like a movement!

As we wrote this song, I imagined people taking to the streets, screaming, and protesting with this song playing in the background.  When you take rights away from human beings…it gets loud, and I hope this song motivates people to get even louder.

Working with Will is always a dream come true.  We have co-produced a few songs together, and he is hands down my favorite collaborator yet.  I tend to add a lot of the organic, tracked elements like banjo, acoustic guitar, and percussion, and Will always elevates the music by adding a sprinkle of electronic, and bold sounds, that make the song really and out.”

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