Track Premiere: Smith, Lyle and Moore – ‘Vampire’

Smith, Lyle and Moore are sharing their newest, anthem-like track “Vampire,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Three men from three different upbringings have combined to make one of the more unique pop sounds we’ve come across in some time. Andrew Smith is a recording engineer in Southern California. Tyler Lyle is the Georgia-born frontman for synth-pop band, The Midnight. And Jack Moore is a U.K. native, son of guitar legend Gary Moore. Through plenty of chance and circumstance, the three met and have been writing and recording together when schedules align.

Listen to the track here:

Andrew Smith shares his opinion:

“I think there comes a point in most people’s lives when you realize that you’ve become an adult, but you don’t feel it inside. In our younger days, we have this idea that adulthood is felt innately and is a separate experience from childhood. But then you grow up and realize that there is no line that separates childhood from adulthood. The difference in childhood and adulthood is like a border drawn on a map:There’s no actual difference in the land on either side of the border. So, you’ll always be that same kid inside, even when you’ve crossed the border to ‘adulthood.’”

Jack Moore shares his thoughts:

“Most of the groundwork Andrew and I achieved at his studio in Malibu, though there were many different versions of the track before the final version was realized. Lyrically speaking, we were exploring the expectations a child has of their future and being thrust into an adult life to their disillusion.”

Andrew Smith shares his thoughts about the single:

“’Vampire’ is about that moment. About feeling internally forever young, while you watch the world and your life grow and age and change around you.”

Jack Moore shares his thoughts further:

“It’s about finding your feet in the world, but there’s also a real nostalgia to it. Recalling endless summer nights spent with friends, and how it feels to discover the world.”

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Photo courtesy of Smith, Lyle and Moore

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