Track Premiere: SPINE – ‘Swing’

I don’t know who needs to hear it, but SPINE are back, and they have a savage new EP titled L.O.V.– it’s ready to drop on Bridge Nine Records on December 18.

New Noise have the premiere and first taste of this blood-soaked, knuckle sandwich called “Swing,” and you can stream it below:

Formed in 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri, they’ve since spread their murder-happy pummel to the mean streets of Chicago (as if the Windy City really needed to get MORE perilous). Their last release was the 2018 LP Faith (an album, that if memory serves, does not include any George Michael covers). That album was like a cinder block landing on the crown of your head from a third-story window, and their new EP L.O.V. is stacking up to be the equivalent of the 5 ton, rusted out SUV that runs over your prone body before the EMT can arrive.

On L.O.V. SPINE fall back to their power-violence roots, with gouging Crossed Out groves and the toothy, nihilistic, flesh-stripping tear of Man is the Bastard. This album might not kill you upon release, but that won’t be from a lack of trying.

 L.O.V. was recorded and mixed by guitarist Alex Tunks in a true DIY effort, with mastering handled by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege (Obituary, Poison Idea, Integrity). 

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