Track Premiere: Starcrazy – ‘Taking Down The Brutes’

Young-buck, Australian rockers Starcrazy have a new song out called “Taking Down The Brutes,” and you can check out it’s US premiere below:

So, what is this song about, anyway? Seems pretty straightforward from the title, but let’s ask the band to clarify:

“‘Taking Down The Brutes’ is a fast ‘n’ nasty, heavy, rock call to arms to exterminate pigheaded people.”  

Well, there you go. Smart money was on exterminating “pigheaded people.” You may exchange your betting stubs at the concierge’s desk on your way to the exit. Don’t forget to tip the wait staff.

Photo by Starcrazy.

You can buy “Taking Down The Brutes” via Bandcamp here and, pre-save the album here.

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