Track Premiere: Stepmother – ‘Do You Believe’

Australian power trio Stepmother are sharing their debut single “Do You Believe,” off of their upcoming album Planet Brutalicon.

Listen to the song here:

Guitarist/vocalist Graham Clise shares his thoughts:

 “I remember as a kid being scared shitless of stuff like monsters, ghosts, and aliens. That horrible movie ‘Troll’ scared me pretty bad when I was about 6 or 7. My grandmother had these creepy troll dolls, but not the cute little smiling ones with red hair. These ones had pitch-black eyes and scary faces with fucked-up noses and warts.

“Behind her house was a dense wooded area. She told me that the trolls lived in those woods. I’d be completely flipped out thinking they were going to come get me while I was sleeping; I used to hate staying over there. I also remember hearing about the concept of alien abduction around about the same time, and that deeply disturbed me for some reason. So when I wrote this song I wanted to tap into that feeling of being genuinely afraid of evil, supernatural forces.

“I originally wrote it for another band I play with thinking that it didn’t suit the Stepmother vibe, but I think it came out cool and adds a new dimension to the record. It’s way more different than the usual Stepmother, ‘smash your head on the wall’ style of writing. It sounds like a proto-punk, fuzzed out, crazy horse… don’t forget to check under the bed.”



Planet Brutalicon

The album will be released worldwide on 29 September through Tee Pee Records. Preorder the album here.

Track Listing:

1. Fade Away
2. Settle Down
3. Scream for Death
4. The Game
5. One Way Out
6. Do You Believe
7. Dead and Gone
8. Here Comes the End
9. Waiting for the Axe
10. Stalingrad
11. Signed DC
12. El Gusano


Graham Clise – Guitar, Vocals
Rob Muinos – Bass, Vocals
Sam Rains – Drums

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Photo courtesy of Laura Douglas

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