Track Premiere – Storry – ‘House & a Range’

Storry is stoked to premiere a brand-new song, “House & a Range.”

“I make music to make a difference, make people think, feel, and be free to express themselves without fear,” Strorry explains. “But I also want to help out my family, and this is where ‘House & a Range’ comes from. To give back to my mom for all the work she put into raising me over the years. Really and truly, I know my mom is happy and proud just to spend time with me. She doesn’t need a house or a range. After hearing the song, however, she told me explicitly to buy her a BMW instead  of a Range Rover [laughs].”

Storry was born in Toronto to working-class immigrant parents. Though art didn’t run in the family, she grew up singing into a microphone from the age of two, and all around her proclaimed she would be the next superstar. She cites Whitney, Celine, and Mariah as her earliest influences. At eight, she asked her parents for medical books for Christmas. She wanted to become a singer and a doctor, and got very mad when they asked her to choose one profession.

Later, she moved to Montreal and pursued studies in classical voice in high school and college, graduating at the top of her class. She returned to Toronto to study opera, but soon her life did a 180. For years, her voice was silenced: she wrote and recorded hundreds of songs that never saw the light of day. By a miracle, she saw a minute clearing in the horizon and escaped. Everything in her life told her to make new music. That she had a story to share, a fire to ignite in others. And so she listened and started from scratch, writing and producing her music. Beginning May 31, 2019, Storry is gradually releasing songs from her debut album.

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