Track Premiere: Stranguliatorius – ‘The Plans Of The Madmen’

Lithuanian extreme metallers Stranguliatorius return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the release of their colossal new album, Doctor’s Orders: Do Not Touch!, on November 19.

Listen to the album’s lead single “The Plans Of The Madmen” below:

Born in the stinking primordial land of Lithuania, Stranguliatorius follow up on their crushing debut album Rope, Soap, Tabouret with more even more raw, degenerate, grinding death-doom chaos blood-drenched in horror, sarcasm and madness.

Doctor’s Orders: Do Not Touch! showcases nine gut-wrenching tracks of torment featuring loads of cut-throat crusty riffs, head-smashing blast-beats and face-melting growls of torment!

Preorder Doctor’s Orders: Do Not Touch! here.

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