Track Premiere: Suffocate For Fuck Sake – ’15 Missed Calls’

On April 16, the long-running Swedish post-metal/ screamo collective Suffocate For Fuck Sake will be releasing their new album, Fyra, via Moment of Collapse Records.

Fyra is the group’s fourth album, and as in the past, these new songs center on a particular concept expressed through both the lyrics and prominent audio samples. Here, Suffocate For Fuck Sake explore the turmoil of addiction, and their music reflects some of the underlying tension and searing emotional chaos.

Get a first listen below of the latest single from Fyra, “15 Missed Calls”:

“15 Missed Calls” begins with thunderous and scorching riffs, and combining this rather immense physical force with the uneasy but propulsive rhythms makes the music feel thoroughly emotionally unsettling. 

The track sidesteps into an audio sample at the around one minute and 40 second mark, and this audio continues for about half a minute before Suffocate For Fuck Sake once again focus on their instrumentals. The music gradually builds into an emotionally pulverizing maelstrom by the end of the track, as though capturing raw emotional turmoil and an underlying sense of exhausting dread. 

There’s not really a major break in the tension on this particular song, as even the more atmosphere-oriented sections feel drenched in chilling malaise. Instead of a respite, Suffocate For Fuck Sake sound like they’re exploring circumstances in which emotional stability suddenly flies apart.

The instrumentals feel direct and powerful, but the power doesn’t deliver a sense of triumph — it spotlights a sense of collapse.

The musical performances themselves feel strong. Across its runtime, the track features roaring yet clearly emotionally pained vocals, a heavy and hoarse guitar and bass presence, and rather hard-hitting drums. Suffocate For Fuck Sake structure the song as expansive post-metal, with piercing melodies and sometimes mid-range tempos that provide plenty of space to feel the musical storm.

Discussing “15 Missed Calls,” Suffocate For Fuck Sake share the following:

“The second single from our upcoming album Fyra introduces the character Mikael, who suffers from a long drug addiction and lost the stable environment around him and also distances more and more from his family. This song features Arvid Ringborg from Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket as guest-vocalist.”

Pre-order Fyra here.

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