Track Premiere: Sweat – ‘Jane’

Swiss/American rock sensations Sweat are sharing their debut track “Jane,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Drummer Kayla Schureman shares her thoughts:

 “Our new single ‘Jane’ showcases our style of combining high-energy music with the heavy things in life most of us as humans go through, losing yourself, finding yourself, regret, desire, mortality, ice cream, etc. The single and the album both provide a space to cope with those things without sacrificing the powerful, riff-driven soundscapes that inspire us as a band.”

Vocalist and organist Sue Pedrazzi shares her thoughts:

“Being held up by the pandemic, an LP has been long overdue. It is very gratifying and a form of artistic self-actualization to finally be able to capture our music on a record and show it to the world. Joining forces with Tee Pee makes us feel supported and the good kind of pressure that kept us working. It is the first time being on a label for most of us in the band and the idea that someone out there believes in our music enough to provide the funds to hear our version of rock and roll recorded is still surreal.”

Listen to the track here:

Sweat are:

Sue Pedrazzi – Lead Vocals, Organ
Richard Stanley  – Guitar, Vocals
Dan Hernandez – Bass
Kayla Schureman  – Drums, Percussion Vocals

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Photo courtesy of Twiz

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