Track Premiere: Sweat – ‘Machismo’

Ahead of their upcoming debut LP, Sweat are premiering the album’s second single, “Machismo,” exclusively here at New Noise.
The band formed in early 2019 with an intention to create a distinct take on rock ‘n’ roll and hardcore. Band members Tuna Tardugno on vocals, Anthony Rivera on drums, and Justin Smith on guitar/vocals have shared a collective investment and contribution to the Southern California music scene, bringing a vast set of influences and perspectives to the table, all shaping the sound and trajectory of the band.
Smith says that as a three-piece, recoding can be more of a puzzle of figuring out what can be done live and what can be woven in later.
“‘Machismo’ there were main thematic parts of the chorus that were originally a single high guitar and bass chords (by our itinerant live bassist, Kevin),” Smith says. “Eventually the notes of the bass dyads were split into a second guitar and bass guitar and recorded separately, which gives it kind of a unique melodic quality over an otherwise jerky rhythm section. Everything was recorded to tape at Atomic Garden studio by Jack Shirley and kept as immediate as we could to try to capture a more classic sound, albeit one siphoned through some latent, unmitigated rage.”
Regarding the themes and lyrical content of the song, Sweat’s Tuna adds, “‘Machismo’ is about, very simply put, about not being a fucking creep. Of course it touches on the nuances of experiencing life as a person trying to navigate the frustrations and exhaustion of dodging creeps and entertaining Einsteins, but mostly it’s about how the only person that can ooze machismo is Razor Ramon, everyone else: figure it out.”

Listen to “Machismo” here:

For more from Sweat, find them on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Sweat

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