Track Premiere: the crushedvelvets – “Stun Gun”

The crushedvelvets are sharing their new track “Stun Gun,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Aritist Dani Meza shares his thoughts:

“These new songs and style came about from necessity. After my medical incident (an aneurism and two strokes) it changed my perspective on how to write and perform. This set of songs (across three EPs) were written while I was healing. Along with not being able to be as physical as I used to be, my vocal delivery had to be more laid back due to not being able to exert too much pressure on my neck while healing. So the slow, grooving pace of these songs were built and written to not over stimulate myself. At times, you can hear the tension in the music and in my voice when I have to hold back.”

Listen to the track here:

EP 1 is out now, with the second arriving September 2, and the third on October 21.

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Photo courtesy of the crushedvelvets

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