Track Premiere: The Dionysus Effect – ‘Never Never’

New York-based rock trio The Dionysus Effect are sharing their new track “Never Never,” off of their forthcoming debut album.

Listen to the track here:

Recently, we had a chance to talk to Christoph Paul, the bass player/vocalist for The Dionysus Effect. Find out some interesting facts about the band below:

What is The Dionysus Effect? Can you tell us more about it?

We are a rock band who wants to conjure up that Dionysus energy. He’s real and when we play songs he comes and hangs out. The Effect is wanting to drink and move when guitar, vocals, bass and drums are making you feel that special high you get at a good rock show. You really feel high. I also like the term Cocaine Rock which Eve 6 said that we are 100% on Twitter.

Can you tell us about your approach to songwriting?

I start with a bassline that makes me want to sing. I need it to make me want to make a melody. Once that is there and I have the right first line, the song writes itself kind of like how a first line sets in motion a book. I let the bass and melody dictate what it’s about and then I let my subconscious write the lyrics. Stephen King calls the subconscious the boys in the basement and I trust those dudes.

How did the band form? Do you plan to stay as a trio or do you have plans to add another instrument/member in the future?

Sean the guitar player and backup vocalist have been playing together for a while for fun but when we brought in Brett the drummer, we got serious about being a band. Brett is definitely the heart of the band. We plan on staying a trio, it’s working for us.

What is the story/theme of the song “Never Never?” How long did it take you to write the song?

This riff took two drafts. I loved the chord progression but the original riff was a little too soft and passive, when I rocked it up I fell in love with it. It felt bluesy, sexy and angry made me recall a relationship where we couldn’t stand each other but we kept hooking up cause we got along very well in that area so to speak. Once the verse riff was nailed down, it took a day to write lyrics.

What are your long-term plans?

Tour the world and release more albums. We are confident but don’t have hubris that we can start a rock revival, but we will try like hell to make it happen.

The Dionysus Effect:

Christoph Paul – lead vocals/ bass
Sean Quinn Hanley – guitar/backup vocals
Brett Petersen – drums

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Photo courtesy of The Dionysus Effect

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