Track Premiere: The Dolly Llamas – ‘Cosmic Radar War’

The Dolly Llamas can’t wait for you to hear their new record, Good Run, out December 15. Check out this track from the album, “Cosmic Radar War.”

“Though original members Derrick and Bilardo are no longer in the band, we did record one other EP, which Dolly Llamas will release soon as yet another backtrack,” the band says. “It’s fittingly titled Good Run, and you can expect that sometime this year…. as for the Future, David, and West have stepped in, and we are all very happy about our prospective future … and these guys don’t tell me things like “you’re too punk rock” … Really? I’m too punk rock? What the fuck ever dude … good music from a band that has barely started working out its kinks.”

Preorder the album here. 

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