Track Premiere: The Interrogation – ‘Kick It Off’

The new song “Kick It Off” from The Interrogation is a humanistic call to arms spurred on by a world hell-bent on division. The song will eventually release on the band’s forthcoming Posters On My Wall EP.

“’Kick It Off’ was originally written as a humanist reaction to the troubled world in which we found ourselves, where the divisions between people seemed to be getting deeper and more insurmountable daily, and where those with wealth and power exploited this divide for their own gain, leaving people even more fractured and isolated,” says Thom Turner. “Unfortunately, this is still viscerally relevant today.”

“’Kick It Off’ challenges us to disregard selfish motives and instead work to stand up for one another. ‘Putting your hands out to help others up, sharing your strength when others are lost,’ this song demands we make ourselves ‘Beacons of Hope.’

“This is the first release from The Interrogation, and we feel it is the perfect introduction to what we do and who we are. We love playing, listening to, and creating music that brings people together. Growing up in the hardcore/emo/punk scene where shows were a hundred kids crammed in a basement with full stacks and mostly-working PAs, we learned to value community, and that no one was going to give us anything; we’d have to build it for ourselves.

“In troubled times when the world seems to be filled with strife and pain, we hope to inspire people to look beyond what divides us and to remember what unites us. With ‘Kick It Off,’ we officially open the doors to our home and say ‘welcome to the family!'”

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