Track Premiere: The Other Each Other – ‘We Have Eyes’

The Other Each Other’s debut full-length, Glass Case, out this summer on Paper Dice Recordings, is a cathartic blast of exacerbation, gloom, and visceral emotionality. The eight-song album was mixed and mastered by Tim Green (The Fucking Champs) at Louder Studios.

New Noise are proud to premiere The Other Each Other’s latest single, “We Have Eyes,” below:

The Seattle-based project recalls the intrepid creativity of Tropical Fuck Storm and King Gizzard and the dark-wave artistry of Moon Duo and Phantogram. The songs have a dark post-punk cloud hanging over them, and below that ominous spectre is a fearlessly experimental spirit. Some tracks feature darkwave, classical guitar and moody synths, others are abrasively anthemic with rubbery basslines, revved-up and hypnotic minor-key chord sequences, and intricately dynamic drums. In 2020, The Other Each Other issued their self-titled, debut EP.

The new single “We Have Eyes” is a tightly coiled dose of toothy post-punk doused with echo and filthy ambience. Its artiness recalls Blonde Redhead and its motific repetition aligns in spirit with Philip Glass. The rhythm guitars are incessant, punky but bleak; the lead guitars feel strangled; the vocals are impassioned and sound like someone pleading from another realm.

“We Have Eyes” is cleverly arranged, featuring a chord sequence that winds you up before drums and bass come in for an invigorating ‘enough of the lies’ moment. The lyrics here are impactfully concise. The refrain “Aha. Aha. Aha. In our eyes they’re just lies” cycles through the tune like a mantra against propaganda. Joel Finch explains: “Those words reference the smoke and mirrors in 2016 and 2020, lie after lie. We as a country experienced gaslighting.”

On the track’s release, Finch states:

“‘We Have Eyes’ starts Glass Case with a declaration; we see what you’ve done, and we know how you did it. The lyrics in this song and the songs that follow on the album are intentionally sparser and more straightforward than on the previous EP, in an effort to be very clear about the point and is intended to be a documenting snapshot of the American political landscape in late 2020. Namely the convulsions of a kleptocracy attempting to remain in power at all costs.”

Preorder Glass Case here.

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