Track Premiere: The Raging Nathans – ‘Never Be Through’

The Raging Nathans share their contribution to Punk Rock Vinyl Compilation.

Ohio’s The Raging Nathans, a band long known for their furious delivery of punk vitriol, share a new track today. “Never Be Through” was contributed to Punk Rock Vinyl Compilation.

Vocalist/guitarist Josh Goldman says, “This guy Dan runs an Instagram account that has a pretty large following where he posts all these cool punk rock records. He decided to put out a vinyl compilation and asked us to be on it. There are also some other pretty sick bands on it like NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Beach Rats, and our homies School Drugs and SPELLS.

“This song is the one we contributed to the comp. ‘Never Be Through’ is pretty self-explanatory; it’s about not being impressed by someone who thinks they’re hot shit.”

The song sees digital release on Friday, May 26.

Photo by Jonathan Lane



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