Track Premiere: The Rememberables – ‘Sadie’

Taking influence from ’90s, guitar-driven, power-pop bands that owe as much to Van Halen as to Big Star, The Rememberables have crafted a hook-laden, fuzzed-out masterpiece on their upcoming album, Breathe, out October 8 through Head2Wall Records.

Listen to the LP’s second single “Sadie” below:

Deftly produced by the legendary engineer, producer and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou of God City Studios, Breathe perfectly captures every subtle nuance of The Rememberables deep and sophisticated approach to the genre.

On the process behind Breathe, vocalist/guitarist Binh Ngo states:

“When we recorded the first LP, I had just lost my dad only a couple weeks prior and didn’t have time to really process what happened—I just went into the studio and finished tracking the vocals. Between the first and second record, I lost some close friends and almost lost my partner, so it became something that was omnipresent—dealing with loss and watching how those close to me did the same and chose to endure. Those ideas became a focal point of the new effort—understanding, coping and surviving trauma.”

Drummer Chris Moore adds:

“I’ve always loved how simultaneously heavy and catchy records like ‘Siamese Dream,’Pinkerton,’ and the self-titled Floor album proved were possible. Kurt really captured the vibe we were going for and he was so awesome to work with again.”

Preorder Breathe here.

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