Track Premiere: The Second After – ‘You’ll Never Make It (Like a Virus)’

Raleigh, North Carolina based trio, The Second After have unveiled their newest track, “You’ll Never Make It (Like a Virus)” which can be heard here, at New Noise.

The Second After are a band that have based their track off of personal experience to create a fresh style of music. They fit a familiarity that consumes fans and new listeners into comfort, igniting remembrance that although life can throw a curve-ball, it’s nothing more than inconveniences that can be overcome. The band put forth story-telling tracks, showcasing a theme of strength.

Singles such as “A Very Pop-Punk Wedding” and “Riptide” are ascending tracks that spearhead their growth into the kind of band they’ll become.

You can hear the newly released track, “You’ll Never Make It (Like a Virus)” below.

“This song is about having the will to power through depression and life’s hardships. There were, and still are, times in my life where all the pressure I feel is too overwhelming, I’ve hit extreme low points of wanting to give up,” says vocalist Michael Greason. “ I’ve always used songwriting as a way to heal. This one kind of came out in a way that explains that sometimes forgetting experiences isn’t the right way to move on, but rather to use the pain and the lows as reminders and fuel to continue forward. Even when the world seems against you, it’s up to yourself whether you are going to continue on the path or not.”

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