Track Premiere: The Steens – ‘What A Way To Die’

Orange County, California-based brothers and duo The Steens are sharing their new track, “What A Way To Die,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

The band formed in 2021 using their surname, an easy choice given the duo’s sound and vision, firmly planted in their roots. Their father worked actively in the music industry as an A&R/artist manager, while their mother pursued a career as a stylist. Everything changed when their dad was arrested and went on to serve a 10-year prison sentence.

The Steens’ sound picks up where their fate dropped them off, crafting a sound in tune with their childhood complete with 808 drums, fuzz-injected guitars, and energetic vocals.

After hearing a suggestion that they were like “the Black Strokes,” The Sheens weren’t offended but offered a compromise: “The Strokes are great, but they’re a little polite, no? If we were gonna be the ‘Black anything’ and not ‘the Black Beatles,’ can’t we at least be ‘the Black Iggy Pops?'”

The Steens offer an additional sentiment as they share the new track:

“They say you can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

Listen to “What A Way To Die” here:

For more from The Steens, find them on Twitter and YouTube.
Photo courtesy of The Steens
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