Track Premiere: The Stress of Her Regard – ‘Callipygian’

The Stress of Her Regard are releasing their self-titled album November 19, and ahead of the raw, indie-rock offering, the band are giving listeners a taste of the track list with the new song, “Callipygian.”

The new record was created with producer Ed Ackerson, who tragically passed during the recording of the project. The record has the band members—vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist Ciaran Daly, bassist Criostoir Daly, and drummer, and vocalist Eric Wilson—exploring topics surrounding the ongoing environmental and political turmoil throughout the world, with abundant commentary and playful literature references.

The band name came from the historical fantasy novel The Stress Of Her Regard by Tim Powers, and the title of the new single, Callipygian,” comes up in Google with the meaning “having well-shaped buttocks.”

Daly comments on the new track,  “I really don’t enjoy most break up tunes—not that I’m above writing one—because there’s not much self reflection in most of them. They’re maudlin as fuck on the whole. At some point, you’ve only yourself to blame. They had a dodgy racist, childhood bestie? You probably should have dipped earlier. But it’s also fun and cathartic to be free of something toxic and feel yourself a bit.

“When we were recording Ed, came up with a great harmony to the descending guitar riff that I’d written and suddenly it sounded even cheekier and more cheerful. Cheeky and cheerful sums it up pretty well, I think. The feel ambivalent hit of the summer.”

Listen to “Callipygian” here:

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Photo courtesy of The Stress of Her Regard and Zoe Prinds

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