Track Premiere: The Tongue Of Eden – ‘Reprehensible’

The Tongue Of Eden are sharing first single “Reprehensible’,” the first single, which is only the beginning of a number of releases to follow. The single demonstrates the band’s own unique sound, which will be further revealed in their upcoming debut album Fallow.

Listen to the track here:

The band share their thoughts:

“Ian and I have been working on this project for the past year and a half, cooked up by our love for Extreme Metal Music and Edm.  We wanted to blend the two in a way that we felt we had not heard before, and with themes and conceptual ideas that illustrate our general distaste for theocracy and the hatred brought forth by it’s zealots.  This project is one that is near and dear to us, a true labor of love, and we are just getting started. We hope those who come across it will find enjoyment with it as much as we do.  Join us and tap into Eden!”

According to the press release:

The Tongue Of Eden is a metal and EDM hybrid group created, composed, performed, engineered, and produced by Eric Park (Wrought of Obsidian, A Devil’s Daydream, and ex-Devourment), and Ian Nizialek (YSA).  Their heavy, hard-hitting, fast and grinding metal flows seamlessly underneath a soundscape of cutting synth melodies, thematic orchestrations, rhythmic dance grooves, and visceral vocals.

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Photo courtesy of The Tongue Of Eden

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