Track Premiere: The Tracks – ‘Glance’

Named for the forgotten trolley tracks that run like veins underneath thick tar throughout Los Angeles, Californian rockers The Tracks play furiously fast music that flies in the face of a genre that seems to have lost its way.

Listen to the band’s latest single “Glance” below:

The Tracks recall the defiant optimism of the working-class bands that came before them, with an earnest sound that reminds us to find the joy in dancing to loud music as the ultimate form of rebellion. Frontman Venancio Bermudez, bassist Felipe Contreras, drummer Jimmy Conde, and guitarist Juan Santana met at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights and united over their shared love of rock & roll.

Reclaiming a sound that Chicanos have been historically excluded from when you see The Tracks perform live, all adversity disappears in their ability to unite and empower an audience. Their forthcoming album, Paredón Blanco, is dedicated to the place they grew up in and the music that raised them. Produced by Lewis Pesacov, the album embraces rawness, complexity, and the enormous reality that making music is perhaps their only way to survive.

On the release of “Glance,” Bermudez states:

“The first time you lay your eyes on somebody you just have to know, the unspoken emotions, the fear of the worst, falling in and out, this song has held me through it all.”

Purchase and stream “Glance” here.

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