Track Premiere: Thunder Horse – ‘Chosen One’

Led by guitarist/vocalist Stephen Bishop, who served many years as a mainstay on the industrial metal scene in Texas as frontman for Pitbull Daycare (Cleopatra records, MIA Records), Bishop were aided and abetted by fellow PD founder, confidant, and lead guitarist, T.C. Connally.

With their playing influenced in no small part by some of the most iconic hard rock and heavy metal bands of the late ’60s and ’70s—Roger Waters, Michael Schenker, Toni Iommi, and Robin Trower—together, Thunder Horse’s songwriting duties are divvied equally, in line with a passion for all things heavy.

Check out our premiere of Thunder Horse’s ‘Chosen One’ below:

Vocalist Stephen Bishop about the song: 

“‘Chosen One’ was one of the first song ideas I came up with for this album. Lyrically speaking, it is no secret that the U.S. has been going through some serious shit the past couple of years. I have never seen it this bad, and I’ve been around for a while! I was amazed to see things I learned about in school happening in real time, right before my eyes: echo chambers, gaslighting, groupthink, etc.

“It was too prevalent to NOT write about it. People in power will take advantage of us, regardless of your political affiliation. They are self-serving and disguise themselves as servants to their constituents, but we all know that they are liars and only work to fill their own pockets. We are expected to get in line and wait for the crumbs they allow us to scavenge.

“It is similar to the iconic imagery in The Wall; i.e. the conveyor belt of faceless, mindless zombies lining up for the grinder. This song highlights those people and how ready and eager some people are to simply get own their knees and quit. It boils down too, “Are you the sheep, or are you the chosen ones?”

Photo courtesy of Thunder Horse.

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