Track Premiere: Tioga – “Imaginary Friend”

We all had our goth phase. Type-o Negative shirts, chokers, fishnets, and black eye-liner. Sleep overs parties with your friends watching The Crow and listening to Joy Division. Then you grew up and had to wash out that dye job that kind of made you look like Robert Smith, and get a job that would pay your bills.

Philadelphia’s dark synth pop group Tioga feel you, and they’re here to let you know that even though you now have a career and people depend on you to be an adult, it’s still OK to have a little romance with the creatures who lurk in the shadows.

Tioga are comprised of vocalist Greg Adams, guitarist Derrick Dieso, bassist Austin Paragas, and drummer Henri Tyler Brooks, and started out as a more straightforward, goth-pop group before transitioning to a more Japan or Orange Juice-esque, new-wave style of indie rock.

Today, New Noise are happy to premiere their latest single “Imaginary Friend” a dark, flowing rocker with bright, blinding blooms of neon synth. Check it out below:

According to the band, their new single is a response to “Desperation and pain … is an immersive journey into your own mind and insecurities.”

Dense stuff for such fun track that reminds of the best and catchy segments of MGMT and The Killers in equal measure.

Photo by Carol Simpson

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