Track Premiere: Tribe Friday – ‘Conversation’

Swedish indie-emo sensation Tribe Friday are proudly returning to their garage rock roots with an urgent, upbeat banger fueled by emotional turmoil and fragile egos.

Listen to the band’s new single “conversation” below:

Against jangly guitar lines and rolling hi-hats, Tribe Friday contrast the slow disintegration of relationships with the electric pulse of rave-den escapism.

At once propulsive and discontent, ‘conversation’ effortlessly flits between forlorn, ‘down bad’ lyrical cues and the restless, wide-eyed yearning for midnight neon sleaze.

On the track’s release, Tribe Friday’s Noad Deutschmann states:

“Lyrically, ‘conversation’ is angry, desperate, frustrated, scared—all the ugly emotions at once. I wanted to write about those moments in a relationship where you can’t see eye to eye on anything, so you resort to name-calling and borderline psychological violence.

“I’ve had a relationship that ended up like that, and it’s fucking ugly. It’s a sad thing to see yourself and someone you love turn into horrible people in real time. The contrast here, of course, is that ‘conversation’ is also, like … a dance track? But I guess that’s our thing now … dancing to tragedies.”

Presave and stream “conversation” here.

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