Track Premiere: UgLi – ‘crybabi’

DIY musicians UgLi are sharing their new track “crybabi.,” off of their upcoming EP girldick. Girldick is the follow up to the band’s debut release FUCK. While the music from the EP will show ’90’s influences, it will stand out as a unique aural experience. “Crybabi.” is part of a process where the band solidify their sound to a new height.

Listen to the song here:

Band member Dylyn Durante shares her thoughts:

“wahhhh wahhh ;( i wanna go have hot gay sex in the bathroom wahhhhh”


UgLi’s follow-up EP girldick showcases that the band have become more mature by controlling their rough and ragged sound. The band wrote the EP in the wake of FUCK’s unexpected momentum. In the process, they have strengthen their control over their sound. It has also brought new thoughts and feelings in the minds of the band mates. Durante speaks about it:

“Between lyrical content, song composure, as well as general attitude, I feel that the EP has leapt beyond the threshold of an initial introduction, and plays around with more mature and serious themes while also honing in a lot more in the instrumental work. We spent a lot of time fixating and refining the tones and textures in the EP in a way I don’t think we really even knew how to when we recorded the album.”

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Photo courtesy of Cecilia Orlando

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