Track Premiere: Weeknites – ‘Drinking From the Lake’

Many of us approach adulthood kicking and screaming, but responsibilities, and the reality of aging, is beyond our control. Marriage, mounting bills, careers, and having kids slowly usher us through to the other side. However, Seattle-based indie duo Weeknites aren’t going out to the 30-something pasture without a big bang.

The band’s debut album Fate Is A Big Tiger, out May 21, is an escape hatch to a majestic music wonderland that melds synth-washed dream pop with post-punk emo and instantly memorable melodies.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere the band’s latest single, “Drinking From the Lake,” below:

On the track, Weeknites state:

“It is about drinking from the lake of one’s memories in a period of change, not finding comfort and then returning to the present. It is built from several different pieces written over the past few years in an attempt to mirror its content musically. It all fell into place towards the end of the recording process in a chaotic but satisfying way.”

Weeknites formed in 2015 as an indie quartet playing the standard local show circuit and issuing a pair of EPs before essentializing into its current duo incarnation. Members Davis Helgen and Dave Stine share a vision and tireless dedication to their music, and the pair soon found together they could be self-reliant in terms of writing and realizing their artistic aspirations. Dave is a self-taught musician and producer who is drawn to texture and adventurous guitar sounds. Davis is a focused songwriter and big picture guy with a gift for melodic constructs.

Conceptually, Fate Is A Big Tiger grapples with unwieldy post-20s internal and external turmoil, including expanding waistlines, fading friendships, and the cursed blessing of finally finding true love.

The album’s ten songs captivate with lush soundscapes that feature chiming guitars, atmospheric keyboards, stately strings, and dense, ear candy counter melodies. Fate Is A Big Tiger’s ornateness belies its DIY homespun production. The record is self-produced, pieced together collage style, and was recorded in various apartments, closets, and garages, among other improvisatory workspaces.

It even has the distinction of getting the seal of approval from Chris Walla — formerly of Death Cab for Cutie — who mixed it from his home base in Norway. The album fits nicely alongside classics by Jimmy Eat World, Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Anniversary, and The Radio Dept.

Pre-save “Drinking From the Lake” here.

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