Track Premiere: White Ward – ‘Depths of Arcane’

Ukrainian metal behemoth White Ward are releasing their new album, Origins, a compilation of all their work pre-Futility Report on January 22, via Debemur Morti. 

Pre-orders are up for Origins now

We’re stoked to share with you the premiere of “Depths of Arcane,” the second track to be released from the album. Enjoy, and keep reading for an insight into the track and album from White Ward’s Yurii.

On the story behind “Depths of Arcane” and how the song has aged:

The songs from the EP Riptide—of which ‘Depths Of Arcane’ is one—were almost all composed by our past bass player and my still-good friend Vladimir (check his current band Schattenfall). At first, those songs were planned for his solo project, but all the session musicians who should have recorded it were members of WHITE WARD, haha!

So, we discussed, finalized songs and decided to release it under the name of White Ward because the songs were really fitting. All the work on this release was done in winter. I visited Vladimir, and we would work on songs. Also, together we decided to make some specific, strange, ambient-like parts and then the drummer Yurii Kononov added some electronic beats.

It is hard to judge it now. This release still sounds interesting, but sometimes not holistically, I think. But, it is totally OK because it shows our development. All the time we are learning how to create better music.

On the creative process when recording the track:

The process was much simpler than how we are working nowadays. For ambient and other synth parts, we also used VST instruments on the PC. During that time, I listened to the band Chrome Waves a lot, and I really loved their sound, so I also decided to try to create a “crispy” guitar sound.

On how the lyrics hold up today: 

When “Riptide” was created, all the lyrical ideas were coming from Alexey, so I don’t know why exactly he decided to write about this specific topic. But, of course, we approved it because we liked the idea. And yes, now it is a very important topic for us. Some coming songs which we are planning to release in 2021 will be about that—disharmony of modern humanity with nature.

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