Track Premiere: WYDLIFE – ‘Sacre Bleu’

WYDLIFE’s “Sacre Bleu” from their forthcoming album Year of the Snake, out April 17 via Wicked Cool Records, is French, cool, and funny.

“The French are the best. They invented the French kiss and the French fry and the ménage a trois. For Christ’s sake, they made being rude cool,” says vocalist Dave Feldman.

Stuffed with catchy riffs and choruses, charmingly specific lyrics and a palpable love of ’70s punk, glam, and power pop, Year Of The Snake is the long-anticipated follow-up to WYLDLIFE’s Wicked Cool debut, Out On Your Block.

All 11 songs on the retro-fueled new album were co-written by Feldman with guitarist Sam Allen. The two are “the Mick and Keef of the band,” as bassist Spencer Alexander puts it. Feldman and Allen have been friends since age 11 and have been writing songs together for nearly two decades.

Preorder the album here. 

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