Track Premiere: XOR – ‘Waiting’

Synthpop/darkwave artist XOR is sharing his new track “Waiting.” The song is filled with XOR’s signature melodies, pulsating rhythms, and seductive hooks. The song was recorded at Bannik Knob and mastered by Maurizio Baggio.

Listen to the track here:

XOR shares his thoughts about the song:

“I usually write the music for a song before the lyrics, which might be why a lot of what I write ends up being instrumental. I had this song like 80% musically done when Secret Shame went on tour last spring and was listening to it on repeat wearing headphones in the van thinking of what to write about.

I wrote this song for my partner. We’d gone from being around each other non-stop during lockdown to me being away on tour a large part of the year. It’s hard to navigate being on the road so much and having a life at home. No matter how often we call or text, it just isn’t the same as being around someone and sharing a life with them.”

XOR is the alias of Matthew, who has been recently working with modular synthesizers, and making electronic music with an unfathomable talent. From his experiments, critically appraised records such as  Ephemeral Tracks, vol. 1 and Vol. 2. have been produced. The albums were followed by the 2023 EP beyond the tall trees somewhere. XOR has also collaborated with many artists such as Secret Shame, Cold Choir, and Shadow Age to remix their music.

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Photo courtesy of XOR

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