Track Premiere: Young Martyrs – ‘Let Me Know’

Indie-Rock-Folk group Young Martyrs are sharing their new track “Let Me Know” off of their upcoming second full-lentgh Time Is Not On Our Side.

Listen to the track here:

Young Martyrs are Tom Corneill, Rich Beeby, and Lee Cole, with additional guitars from Simon Whitehead. The band was formed between Bath and Bristol in the lockdown period of 2020. What was intended as a product to provide a bit of distraction for four people locked down ended up as a debut album released in December 2020, one that gained the band a small but very loyal following in a world without live music at that time. The boys spent the next couple of years touring festivals and eventually writing and recording album two.

Young Martyrs’ second album, Time Is Not On Our Side, was recorded live at Real World Studios in Bath, with additional recording completed at Indefra Studio in Frome. It was produced by Seb Brice from the band Sinnober.

The album features nine tracks written and performed by the band and brings in influences from the worlds of alt country, folk rock, and a little alternative rock. Young Martyrs are at their best when they are just guitars, drums, and lots of harmonies, so that’s what you’ll get from their brilliant second album.

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Photo courtesy of Young Martyrs

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