Track Spotlight: Corsicana – ‘Egret’

Indie rock project Corsicana are sharing their new single “Egret,” a song full of freshness and melody. The mesmerizing voice takes over you until the beautiful chorus sends you to the realm of aural ecstasy. The project debuted in 2014, and quickly became popular in the Colorado music scene. They have opened for acts such as Devotchka, Hippo Campus, Deep Sea Diver, The Greeting Committee, and Wye Oak, among others. The band have toured the West Coast three times, and plan to do more in the future.

Listen to the track here:

Ben Pisano shares his thoughts:

“Kept was written both about and throughout the worst years of my life thus far. It charts my way through an unhealthy relationship, paralyzing self-doubt, obsession as a means of coping, and other emotionally turbulent experiences. It’s certainly not cheery subject matter, but by the time I had started writing the last few songs on the record, I’d already come a long way in working through all those things. In that sense, this album is far more intimate than my last two, because the writing process itself – but also, let’s be candid, therapy – was key in helping me see the light at the other end of the tunnel, and that growth of mine wound up being the (fully chronological) emotional arc of the record.

For just over a year, I recorded, produced, and mixed Kept in the house I grew up in. I tried to craft a sonic identity that would accentuate that emotional arc – I chased a sound that felt surreal and anachronistic, but also unadorned and intimate. Vocals are processed liberally, synths feature prominently, and samples are chopped up and strewn about, but I deadened and saturated my drum kit, I recorded to cassette, I sang most vocals through a single SM57 mic, and I built almost every song around the same cheap, battered, creaky nylon string guitar that I wrote the songs on.”

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Photo courtesy of Jordan Altergott

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