Track Spotlight: Estelle Mey – ‘Snake (Rejection)’

Artist Estelle Mey has recently completed a long solo journey from France to Iceland and Iceland to England. Just right after that, she fell in love with the British heavy scene, and she made her decision to be a part of it. Her recent offering is the new single “Snake (Rejection),” which shows off the blistering baritone guitar and a no holds barred barrage of drumming, accompanied by Estelle Mey’s brutal and gritty voice.

Watch the video here:

According to the press release:

This song feels like PJ Harvey was dragging Slipknot into a mosh pit at a Turnstile gig. In this fast burst of energy, a New Punk sound splashes some fresh vibes over Alternative and Thrash metal influences. This song is simply about saying NO!

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Photo courtesy of Estelle Mey

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